Tsafriri Int. Trading Ltd.

I am looking for a rendering plant that produces poultry by products that are produced exclusively from poultry, preferably in LT (Low Temperature Processes), who can export the products to our customers in Israel.

We act as exclusive agents (representatives) of manufacturers and companies from abroad, mainly in the raw material market of the Feed industry in Israel, since 1989.

Our main activities are in:

Import of Protein: mainly animal (poultry by products), fish by products and other vegetable protein substitutes.

Import of Fats and Oils from Vegetables/Animals (Acid Oil; Fish Oil; Poultry Fat; Protected Dry Fat, etc.).

Import of Machinery and equipment for the Feed industry and others for the Israeli market.

For the animal protein market (poultry by products), we act as the agents of two European companies namely: ‘Saria’ (Kervallis) in France and ‘ECB’ in Italy.

In the past, we use to work with ‘Daka’ in Denmark and Heinrich Nagel in Germany, until the “B.S.E” break out.

Due to the current shortage of sources in the market, we are exploring new possibilities around the globe. If you have any interest in cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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