$69m for Biometric Checks in Counter-Terrorism White Paper

THE Federal Government will spend $69 million to reduce the risk of terrorist attack across Australia.

The long-awaited counter terrorism white paper was released today by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at Parliament House in Canberra.

The money will fund the introduction of biometric-based systems and reduce the risk of terrorists, criminals and other persons of concern entering Australia undetected.

In 10 countries applicants for Australian visas will be photographed and finger-printed in their home country before a visa is issued.

A new counter terrorism control centre will be established that will improve the ability of agencies to operate against terrorism and to detect and prevent terrorists’ threats.

“The Government remains committed to efforts that enhance integration and co-ordination of Australia’s national security systems,” the white paper says, adding the range of security challenges would be managed in a flexible and adaptive way”.

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