As reported in Invest In Israel, Aesthera Corporation, an Israeli company that uses photo pneumatic or light-based technology for the treatment of skin conditions, was acquired by Solta Medical of Hayward, California, for $5.3 million. Aesthera’s flagship product, the Isolaz platform, is the only laser or light-based device with FDA marketing clearance for the treatment of various forms of acne.

“Treatment of acne with Isolaz offers physicians and their patients an effective alternative to the risks of oral drug treatments and their associated side effects,” said Stephen J. Fanning, chairman of the board, president, and CEO of Solta Medical, noting that they were very excited to broaden their portfolio with the addition of the Isolaz brand to Solta Medical.

Solta Medical is a global leader in the medical aesthetics market providing anti-aging solutions for patients. The company’s products use both radiofrequency procedures for tightening and contouring skin, as well as fractional laser technology to help resurface aging and sun damaged skin.

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