Israel – a hot country helping to cool the planet

There is no avoiding the issue of climate change and imperatively, the issue is being increasingly prioritized on the international agenda. In May of this year, a new study led by the Weizmann Institute of Science concluded that storms in the Southern Hemisphere have already reached intensity levels previously predicted to occur only in the yearContinue reading “Israel – a hot country helping to cool the planet”

Investing in the Future of Medicine

At an estimated $6.2 billion, Israel’s healthcare technology industry is a global leader in innovations across various medical fields. With over 1,400 digital health start-ups to date, Israel ranks 5th in the world according to the World Index for Healthcare Innovation.  Investors have taken notice of such success. According to a recent survey conducted byContinue reading “Investing in the Future of Medicine”


Check Point Software Technologies has announced the launch of Check Point Horizon, a prevention-focused suite of security operations solutions and services that combines proactive management solutions for managed prevention and response (MDR/MPR), extended prevention and response (XDR/XPR) and events. The new Check Point Horizon platform for XDR, MDR and events leverages Check Point Soft prevention-firstContinue reading “CHECK POINT LAUNCHES ‘PREVENTION-FIRST APPROACH’ SECURITY OPERATIONS SOLUTION”

Israel Declares Food Tech & Alt Protein as National Priority; GFI Implores EU to Follow Suit

The Israeli Government this week declared “Food tech, with an emphasis on alternative proteins” as one of five national priorities. The decision was made in consultation with the nonprofit GFI Israel, which plays a key role in the region in promoting the advantage of alternative proteins as a solution to global climate and food crises.  Alla Voldman-Rentzer, vice president atContinue reading “Israel Declares Food Tech & Alt Protein as National Priority; GFI Implores EU to Follow Suit”

Quality and online ease – a perfect wedding Many community members know him as a special-events photographer and now Michael Warshall has reinvented himself, investing in revolutionary Israeli printing technology. MELBOURNE special-events photographer Michael Warshall has parlayed a lifetime of premium-quality photography with today’s demands for quick turnarounds and the ease of online ordering in his start-up business Emot Weddings. The web-basedContinue reading “Quality and online ease – a perfect wedding”

Israel’s BioBetter Secures $10M to Cultivate Meats Using Tobacco Plants

Israeli food tech startup BioBetter announces it has secured $10M in a Series A round to develop and commercialise growth factors made with tobacco plants. “The field-grown tobacco plants offer a new, fast, efficient, and flexible response to the market need for more competitively priced growth factors” Growth factors are essential in the cultivated meat process forContinue reading “Israel’s BioBetter Secures $10M to Cultivate Meats Using Tobacco Plants”

Push for Cyber Security Migration Visas | Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security

The Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security, Clare O’Neil, has called for a migration sponsorship program in the area of cyber security to shore up Australia’s cyber defences.  In a Twitter thread, Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security Clare O’Neil has called for a migration program incorporating sponsorship for people with cyber security skills afterContinue reading “Push for Cyber Security Migration Visas | Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security”

OzAsia Festival

Held annually over three weeks in Adelaide in spring, the OzAsia Festival showcases Australia’s leading contemporary arts festival engaging with Asia. The extensive program includes theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature, food and cultural events from countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Iran, Latvia, Malaysia, Singapore, Syria, the United States,Continue reading “OzAsia Festival”

Cale & Daughters and Israel’s Vgarden in Joint Venture for Local Aussie Manufacturing

A newly announced joint venture between Australia’s Cale & Daughters and Israel’s Vgarden, called Vgarden Australia Pty Ltd, will begin manufacturing plant-based cheese and meat products in a facility based in Brisbane, Australia.   “Local manufacturing means we’ll be able to maintain price competitiveness and product accessibility” Cale & Daughters is the parent company of Made with Plants, PlantAsia,Continue reading “Cale & Daughters and Israel’s Vgarden in Joint Venture for Local Aussie Manufacturing”

Israel’s Forsea Foods is “First to Cultivate Eel” Using Organoid Technology

Food tech Forsea Foods, based in Israel, claims to be the first startup to use organoid technology for its cultivated seafood process. “The result is sustainably produced, succulent filets of cultured seafood that embody the same taste and textural traits as their ocean-caught counterparts” Roee Nir, co-founder of Forsea, recently made public the company’s patented technology platform developedContinue reading “Israel’s Forsea Foods is “First to Cultivate Eel” Using Organoid Technology”