NanoVibronix Presents at BioMed 2010 its Second Generation PainShield for the Treatment of Pain and Wounds with Therapeutic Ultrasound

As reported in IVC: ILSI-Biomed 2010 Conference

NanoVibronix, a medical device company which develops innovative therapeutic ultrasound applications, announced that following its initial success with the first generation PainShield device for pain therapy, especially for the severe pain associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia, NanoVibronix presents its second generation PainShield with additional features for the therapy of chronic pain and wounds. PainShield is a small, portable device that produces low frequency, low intensity ultrasonic waves for healing of soft tissue such as tendon, chronic wounds and neuropathic pain.

PainShield is comprised of two parts: a small electronic device which produces electrical signals and a therapeutic patch containing a thin ultrasound transducer which is placed on or near the intended area of therapy. The device is battery powered and allows patients to ambulate while receiving therapy.

“Ultrasound has been widely used for many years to induce healing of soft tissues, accelerate healing of bone fractures and to treat pain,” says Amir Rippel, Vice President of Marketing at NanoVibronix. “The breakthrough of PainShield is that it allows independent home based therapy. Using low frequency, low intensity ultrasound over extended periods of time improves localized blood flow, decreases localized inflammation and accelerates the healing process while reducing pain.”

NanoVibronix also presented at BioMed 2010, a new application for advanced wound care treatment. The WoundShield patches allow localized therapy of wounds by enhanced penetration of antibiotics and/or oxygen into the wound bed. NanoVibronix is collaborating with Trinity Wound Institute (Raleigh, North Carolina) that is developing SonOx Therapy for localized oxygen delivery to wounds.

PainShield is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and has CE Mark. It is cleared by the FDA for treatment of pain.

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