Word dialing tech co NTTM wins Morpho deal

As reported in IVC: Morpho is one of the world’s largest SIM card manufacturers.

Israel’s NTTM Ltd. Has signed a strategic agreement with Morpho, one of the world’s largest SIM card manufacturers, to integrate NTTM’s product in Morpho’s products.
Morpho produces more than one million SIM cards a day. The agreement was signed upon the completion of NTTM’s product, a process that took three years.

NTTM’s technology makes it possible to dial names from any GSM 3G mobile telephone. In this way, any private or business user in the world can pick a telephone name that is meaningful to the user, using any combination of letters, digits, or signs of any length. Individuals and companies can use the name of the company, or product, as well as their first names or nicknames, which will effectively become their telephone number.

The global SIM market was estimated at 3.5 billion new cards in 2009, 14% more than in 2008.

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