Three Things You Can Do For Israel

1. Do more than read or watch the stories: share them!

We hope that you want to share what you’ve learned with others… your friends and family, your colleagues or business associates, your doctors or teachers, your public officials or members of your organization.  Every  story can be forwarded by email or posted to almost any social networking site with just two clicks of your mouse. Click on the story headline and click again on the SHARE button. When you share you help us with our mission: showing the world the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict.

2. Experience the reality of daily life in Israel: Visit ISRAEL21c’s blog and YouTube channel.

We hope you’ll visit the Israel21c website ( and the award-winning blog, Israelity , the chronicle of daily life in Israel. Written by a group of English-speaking Israelis, it is a unique look at Israel from the sublime to the ridiculous, the mundane to the spiritual, the amusing to the profound. You can click the Israelity link  bookmark Israelity at

ISRAEL21c’s YouTube channel,, is the #1 ranked Israel-related non-profit channel on all of YouTube!  Choose from among hundreds of videos-feature stories and individual “Face of Israel Today” featurettes, each an introduction to an individual Israeli. The features are enlightening and useful, the “Faces” are warm and human. Don’t just watch the videos, rate them, favorite them and forward them.

3. Tell others about the ISRAEL21c Newsletter: Urge others to subscribe

Too many people think there’s nothing more to Israel than conflict. You know there’s more, and that “more” is how Israelis add value to life in Australia and around the world every day.  You can help us by urging others to sign up to the Israel21c free email newsletter. Do that by forwarding this link,  ISRAEL21c : Mailing List Signup, to everyone you know who should know more about Israel.

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