Electric Car Prototypes Hit Israeli Roads

As reported in IVC: Renault has begun field tests in Israel of the electric car for Better Place.

French carmaker Renault SA has begun fields tests in Israel of the electric car for Shai Agassi’s Better Place LLC. Marketing of the cars is due to begin next year.
Two prototypes of the Renault Fluence ZE, tailored for Israel, arrived last month, together with a company technical team. The cars have the rapid battery replacement system located in the rear. Until now, only prototypes with the fixed battery or replaceable battery, which Better Place developed itself, have arrived in Israel.

The timing of the test was determined in part to test the cars’ handling in Israel’s extreme summer heat. The cars are also due to participate in a system-wide test that Better Place will conduct shortly. This test will cover the cars’ ignition and battery replacement systems (there are currently two robotic battery replacement systems in the country), the remote management network, and other elements of Better Place’s service model.

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