The inspirations for the unique and exclusive designs come from the surroundings: nature, Israeli history and archeology, relations between people, love, fairy tales and especially new inventions in all walks of life. Henia Shnitzer, the designer, likes to be surprised by the creative and diverse nature of people, so a main concept in the design is interactive relationship between the jewelry and the person wearing it.
All of the above leads to the creation of innovative and original jewelry which is different not only by its style but especially in the ideas embodied in it and in the manner of wearing it.
Her passion for novelty and changes brought her to create jewels that are transformable. The customer is invited to take part in the designing process in such a way that the jewelry becomes a reflection of the wearer. In most of the designs parts of the jewelry can be replaced or combined with other pieces from the collection.
All the jewelries are made of precious metal. Mostly in silver and gold. for more info


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