Nano Jewelry

  Nano Jewelry is seeking to partner with local jewellery distributors to reach high volume retailers. Displaying an exquisite ensemble of unique designs, the new collection comprises of necklaces with artistic 24K gold inspirations with different themes. Customers can choose from a wide variety of necklaces based on different themes, such as Love jewelry, ZodiacContinue reading “Nano Jewelry”

Layani Fine Jewelry

Layani Fine Jewelry is seeking partners in the high-end watch and jewellery industry in Australia. Australian industry operators that will attend the 2017 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show are invited to visit the Layani exhibit. Layani Fine Jewelry is a high-end jewelry brand featuring the works of Israeli jewelry designer Sharon Layani. Layani’s jewellery is createdContinue reading “Layani Fine Jewelry”

Ithil Metal Works

Ithil Metalworks wholesale jewelry includes an exclusive collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, spinner and eternity rings all crafted from the finest materials available including sterling silver, silver combined with gold and semi-precious stones. Every item of jewelry is meticulously manufactured in highly superior standards. We are proud to present our new Druzy Quartz collection. TheContinue reading “Ithil Metal Works”


The inspirations for the unique and exclusive designs come from the surroundings: nature, Israeli history and archeology, relations between people, love, fairy tales and especially new inventions in all walks of life. Henia Shnitzer, the designer, likes to be surprised by the creative and diverse nature of people, so a main concept in the design is interactive relationship between the jewelry and the person wearing it.