Making every drop count

As reported in the Economist:

LONDON’S streets can be a bit of a maze, but below ground things are even more complex. Water pipes crisscross the city in all directions. Some areas used to have competing water companies, each of which built its own system. Not even Thames Water, the utility that operates the British capital’s water-supply network today, knows exactly where all the pipes run.

Moreover, the network is ageing. Only a few years ago more than half of the 10,000 miles (16,000km) of water pipes below the streets of London were over a hundred years old and often burst. It did not help that over many years Thames Water, which was privatised in 1989, failed to invest enough. By the mid-2000s London had one of the leakiest water-supply systems in the rich world. Every day nearly 900m litres of treated water were lost and 240 leaks had to be fixed.

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