Preventing another Wikileaks

As reported in Israel 21c

Besides spilling the secrets of 100 empires, the Wikileaks scandal revealed to the world just how vulnerable “secure” data really is – and how ineffective traditional data protection methods, like firewalls, really are. After all, if an army officer armed only with a rewritable CD could manage to lift hundreds of thousands of sensitive and top-secret documents from a U.S. Defense Department server – which one would assume would enjoy full protection from intruders – what hope is there for the rest of us?

A great deal, says Alon Samia, CEO and co-founder of Covertix, an Israeli startup offering a product that might have prevented the mass revelations of diplomatic secrets by Julian Assange. The company’s document technology prevents unauthorized individuals from opening and reading files, alerting managers when a document’s security is compromised and automatically blocking usage if unauthorized use is suspected.

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