Israel’s Fancy Colored Diamond Companies Experience Positive Trend in 2010

As reported in the Israel Diamond Portal: In recent years a new niche market has opened up in Israel – trading in natural colored diamonds.  A readily available supply coupled with high demand in the consumer market has prompted more and more Israeli companies to trade in the coveted pink and yellow diamonds. We approached these companies to discover how the year 2010 had passed for them. From our conversation, it turns out that these companies haven’t been left out of the general positive trend seen in the diamond sector in 2010, and that colored diamonds continue to appeal to consumers.

Leibish and Co. trade in natural colored diamonds in a variety of hues and sizes. The company specializes in pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia and in yellow diamonds of all sizes up to 20 carats. The company also manufactures unique jewelry in designs that incorporate diamonds from its own stocks.

CEO Yossi Polnauer says: “While the wholesale market was pretty stable in 2010, without any special incidents, we saw a very impressive growth in sales in the private market via our website. We checked and found that the number of visitors to our site grew 61% in 2010 compared to the number of visitors in 2009. We believe that there are a number of reasons for this increase: a massive presence on social networks like Facebook; presence in professional forums and blogs in the diamond and jewelry sectors and our entry into the jewelry market.”

“In recent years we’ve noted that there tends to be market demand for finished products and not just polished diamonds. Last year we decided to rise to the challenge and offer our customers the opportunity to design their own jewelry. After choosing the diamond and determining a budget for the piece of jewelry, the customer – working in full cooperation with our jewelry designer, Havi Yitzhakov, designs the jewel of his dreams step-by-step. This process has left our customers highly satisfied, as a result of which we’re now working to expand our jewelry design and manufacturing department. We definitely see this field as an area of development and growth, since many people are looking for unique statement jewelry – something out of the ordinary – which they can find at Leibish and Partners.”

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