eTeacher Group Announces Free Biblical Hebrew App for iPhone

Online Language Academy Targets Smartphone Users for “On the Go” Learning

eTeacher Group announced the immediate availability of eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew application for iPhone and iPad users offering 30 Biblical Hebrew lessons free of charge.

Recorded and taught by Sigal Zohar, one of eTeacher’s leading Biblical Hebrew teachers, each lesson is four to five minutes long and provides an introduction to eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew program.

Lessons focus on teaching the Hebrew alphabet and Hebrew grammar through various verses from the Old Testament. The purpose of the lessons is to enable students to read the Bible in its original language and to gain a deeper understanding of the Biblical text.

“One of our key goals is to work with students in the ways they most want to work – whether through computer, audio podcasts, repetition exercises or ‘on the go’ learning,” said Boaz Binnun, co-CEO of eTeacher. “We believe this approach helps students learn new languages in small doses, just as they did when they were children, making them more comfortable to then move on to more intense study.”

The free application is available for download from the iTunes store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Online Biblical Hebrew Program

eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew app is a prelude to a unique program that enables students throughout the world to participate in its on-line Biblical Hebrew program, which teaches students to read the Bible in its original Language. Through a joint venture with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Biblical Hebrew students learn in virtual classes conducted via live video conferencing from anywhere in the world. The Biblical Hebrew online program is part of the Hebrew University’s accredited courses. A certified instructor presents lesson materials via a fully-interactive multimedia application running on each student’s computer screen through which students can speak with the teacher and other class members. Course materials include a blend of classic and online content developed specifically for online learning.

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