Israel sets standard for electric car charging

As reported in Better Place is currently building its nationwide recharging network for electric cars.

The Standards Institution of Israel has set the standard for charging electric cars by cables: Israel Standard 61851 Part 1.The standard will standardize methods for charging electric cars, detailing the functional and electrical requirements to ensure the availability and safety of the service. The standard will apply to all companies involved in the electric car industry, including vehicle importers, suppliers of recharging infrastructures, electricity providers, government ministries, and the general public.

The standard will be the foundation for the establishment of an electric car recharging infrastructure, the operation of electric cars, and public safety.

Standards Institution director general Dan Goldstein said, “The Israel Standard for charging electric cars by cable combines creative elements, such as the use requirement of designated plugs for electric cars. It has therefore drawn the attention of other national standards institutions. We believe that the standard will be mentioned in regulations that the responsible ministries will write for regulating the electric car charging sector in Israel.”

The series of Israel Standard 61851 apply to charging equipment installed in motor vehicles and outside them for the recharging of electric cars at legal supply sites with up to 1,000 volts of alternating current, and the supply of electricity for other motor vehicle services, if necessary, while a vehicle is connected to the grid.

Better Place LLC is currently building its nationwide recharging network for electric cars, which are due to hit the roads in late 2011, with commercial quantities of cars due to operate in 2012.

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