Message from the Visa Section at the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

” Subclass 456 (Business Short Stay) visa to Australia.:

 The processing time standard has been reduced from 10 work days to only 5 word days from the day the application is received at the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. This is in recognition of the special needs of the business community in the current global economic climate. However, some applications will take longer to process.  Therefore, clients are encouraged to lodge their applications as quickly as possible and at least a months prior to travel.  Clients should refrain from making final travel arrangements or confirm meetings in Australia until their visas are granted.  Where possible under current legislation and policy, lower risk clients who have demonstrated a good travel history to Australia, are granted long validity visas for up to 5 years.  This is to facilitate their multiple trips to Australia and to minimise administration and costs”.

For further infor please contact Mr Abdullah Azar- Visa, Immigration and Citizenship Section

Australian Embassy Level 28, Discount Bank Tower
23 Yehuda Halevi Street (cnr Herzl Street) Tel Aviv 65136
PO Box 29108, Tel Aviv 61290, Israel
Phone: +972 (03) 6935000  (Select 1, 1 and then 3)  Fax: +972 3 6915223
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