Security & Defense Exhibitions in Israel

On June 28th 2011 there will be the official opening of the leading and the largest since ever Security & Defense exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Fair grounds.

Security &Defense 2011 is an international multi-purpose, independent and most professional updated exhibition for all those who are active in the field of security and defense.

It is the 25th edition of this exhibition and we expect a significant number of visitors from Israel and abroad coming to celebrate with us the 25th jubilee.

The International Security & Defense Exhibition is fully sponsored by the government of Israel, The Ministry of Trade & Industry, and Foreign Trade Authority.

The organizers of the exhibition are Sigma-Team Ltd. and Expo-Consult which are the leading media firms in the field of security and defense in Israel (sole organizers of active seminars and international conventions of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli Police, The Ministry of Internal Security/ HLS, The IDF, The Israeli Prison Correction Authority, The Ground Forces Command and others)

The Security & Defense 2011 Exhibition is considered as a Mega Event and will be held in 2 major Halls dedicated to the core issues of security and defense.

Security Israel – The International Homeland Security Exhibition
Civil defense, Security and protection technologies, Urban-Shield, Safe-City, Protecting of critical infrastructures, Border control.

COMBAT – The International Exhibition for Operational Units
The Means, the Equipment, the Technologies for Operational Units
Ground Forces (military), Police & Law –Enforcement, Counter Terrorism units, Swat-Teams & Special Operation forces, Support, Rescue, Emergency & Disaster control operational units.

COMBAT 2011 brings a new approach to military & police exhibitions by putting the equipment and technologies at the front no matter who is the end user.

In COMBAT 2011 all operational units can be buyers of your products. Whether it is night vision means, ammunition, control systems, armored vehicle or unmanned surveillance aircraft.

They will all be there!

Alongside with special demonstrations arena, COMBAT 2011 is the most attractive event to promote your products in a country that is best known as the most innovative modern battle-lab in the world.

Special Chapter (including seminar and live demonstration)

National Emergency/ Disaster Situation/ Mass Destruction Event

  • Contingency & Procurement
  • First respond & First care
  • Crisis Management
  • Rescue and locating missing persons
  • Special operations and tasks designated Means & Equipment
  • Emergency Medical services & support
  • Fire Protection & control
  • NBC Neutralizing, clearing and evacuation

NOTE; Pre registration is obligatory.

For more information, and to register, please go to

There are some restricted and classified show areas. Entry of professionals must to be confirmed in advance.

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