WATEC Israel 2011

WATEC 2011 – The 6th International Exhibition & the 3rd International Conference on Water Technologies, Renewable Energy and Environmental Control , November 15th-17th, Fairgrounds Center,  Tel-Aviv

The WATEC 2011 Exhibition & Conference is Israel’s prime event for showcasing its technologies and achievements in the fields of water, environment and energy.

With water, environment and energy challenges at the top of the global agenda, WATEC 2011 features compelling solutions and proven, practical applications in areas such as water and energy efficiency, water quality, desalination, and water supply.

Attracting participants from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, the exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations from start-up businesses, established companies, and researchers that can help drive private and public initiatives and accelerate results.

WATEC 2011 will introduce international successes and promising advancements for sustainable development, focusing on recent achievements and emerging solutions for the coming years. Bringing together Israeli and international business executives, political decision-makers, and leading researchers, WATEC 2011 will also be a showcase for the most advanced environmental technologies from around the world.

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Here are a few highlights that make attendance a top priority:

20,000+  expected exhibition attendees projected
– 150  international delegations expected
– 90+  countries represented
– Illuminating presentations on current and emerging water and environmental topics
– International region-based problem-solving forum
– An array of new products and solutions that will be premiered for the first time
– Expansive exhibition forum; ideal venue for both exhibitors and solution-seekers
– Approx. 35 start-up companies in the unique “Innovation Pavilion” organized by Israel NewTech

WATEC 2011 organizers–Kenes Exhibitions and Tel Aviv Fairgrounds Center—reported that the exhibition will feature local and foreign companies developing the newest innovations in waste water reclamation, creation of new water sources, water betterment, coping with hazards to the ecology, as well as new and alternative energy sources. Research institutions are to showcase top-of-the-line solutions in these fields.

WATEC 2009 was attended by 20,000 visitors from Israel and abroad, including ministers, heads of the world’s leading corporations in the fields of water, ecology and renewable energy, businessmen and mayors of counties and metropolises from across the world – all of whom face the enormous challenge of caring for a constantly growing population.

WATEC 2009: Statistics at a Glance

– 2,661 foreign water and environment industry experts and decision makers from 94 different countries
– Approx. 18,000 local professional visitors
– 265  exhibitors, including 41 from abroad, showcased on a space of 5,000-sqm
– 1,850  business meetings scheduled
– 150  official delegations accompanied by Israeli Commercial Attachés visited the show: 18% from Asia, 38% from Europe,  10% from Africa, 13% from North & Central America, 18% from Latin America  and 4% from Oceania
– 30  Foreign Ministers and Deputy Ministers
– 2,950 participated in the conference and professional seminars, led by 125 world-renowned keynote speakers, 37 from abroad

WATEC 2011 hosts one of the prime influential conferences worldwide on the topic, “From Innovation to Implementation in the World of CleanTech” (i2i). WATEC conference focuses on methods of converting technological developments and innovations into successful projects and enterprises. The State of Israel views this event as a significant opportunity to promote the abilities and reputation of the Israeli water and CleanTech technologies in the fierce competition of the global market.

In addition to the major session on the topic of water technology headed by Booky Oren, sessions will also focus on the ‘Quality of the Environment’, headed by Dr. Miriam Haran, ‘Renewable Energies’, led by the Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative Authority.

Please click here for the professional Workshop at WATEC that will target CTOs and chief engineers in water utilities around the world.

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