Walking in the footsteps of Jesus

 The newly opened Gospel Trail lets pilgrims experience the same terrain where Jesus spent his childhood and ministry

This spring, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism (www.tourism.gov.il) opened a new 60-kilometer Gospel Trail (www.gospeltrail.com) in the Galilee, in Northern Israel. The trail will allow pilgrims and tourists to walk, bike or drive from Nazareth – Jesus’ childhood home – to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the center of his ministry.

The route begins on Mount Precipice in Nazareth, where Pope Benedict held a large public Mass on his 2009 visit to Israel. It ends at Capernaum.
For many Christian hikers, the highlight of the trail comes at the end, when they travel across the Sea of Galilee to Tiberias in a wooden replica
of a boat from Jesus’ time that was excavated on the shores of the sea .

 Click here to view the video and read the full story from MFA

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