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Why Israeli Travel Technology is Going Places

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Tourism is one of Israel’s biggest industries, drawing millions of visitors and generating billions of dollars per year. But besides being a world-class travel destination, the Start-Up Nation is also a global leader in travel technology. Israel is home to over 300 startups in the travel sector, and also draws continued investment from international industry leaders like, who opened a dedicated Tel Aviv R&D center in 2017.

The innovative travel technologies in development address a wide range of current industry challenges. Whether it’s enabling travelers to recoup non-refundable hotel fees, automatically finding the best prices, or connecting fellow travelers, Israeli startups are at the vanguard of travel technology.

Here are just a few of the promising travel tech startups calling Israel home:

  • Founded in 2011, Roomer is an online marketplace that allows travelers to sell or swap hotel reservations. Every day, Roomer helps thousands of people recoup or exchange what would otherwise be non-refundable deposits or payments on their hotel rooms. On the other end of the marketplace are flexible and budget-conscious travelers looking for good deals on accommodations. By connecting these two previously isolated groups, Roomer has created a powerful tool for capturing a great deal of lost value and making travel better for all parties involved.
  • Pruvo was founded in 2016 with a simple mission: help travelers get the best price on hotel rooms possible. The result of that idea is an equally elegant solution. Pruvo lets customers forward their reservation by email, then automatically checks for and rebooks whenever that same room drops to a lower price. Because the technology is the one scanning and interfacing with the booking systems, Pruvo customers can book from any website and don’t even need to provide their credit card up front. In addition to the core product, Pruvo also offers a browser extension that lets customers keep up-to-the-minute tabs on any shifts in room price. Though straightforward in principal, the true key to Pruvo’s success is the brilliant engineering that ensures a seamless, functional experience from start to finish.
  • Co-founded by two brothers, Meeba is the social application for travelers, and came about as a direct result of their personal experiences. When travelling, they spent a great deal of time looking for other travelers to go on treks with, hang out or even split a cab. While there were plenty of tools to plan travel and lodging, they noticed a major gap in the social aspect of travelling. Meeba addresses these issues by offering travelers a way to connect and coordinate with anyone and in real-time. The application scans your surroundings for nearby travelers on the app, and then provides integration to join one another either while traveling, dining out or planning activities. In the process, each traveler who contributes to the platform helps improve it for everyone else.

The world is growing more connected than ever, and as it does, travel will play an increasingly crucial part in fueling the world economy and culture. Lying at a global crossroads, both in terms of geography and information, Israel is uniquely poised to spearhead vital innovations for tourists and travelers. Not only does Israel host millions of tourists each year, the Start-Up Nation empowers countless millions more around the globe to make the most of their travel experience.   

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7 major tourism infrastructure projects in Israel

Source: Israel21c

  1. Cable car in Jerusalem

About 85% of tourists to Israel visit the iconic religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. However, although special arrangements can be made for visitors with mobility limitations, accessibility is problematic. Buses and cars battle heavy traffic; parking is inadequate. Pedestrians encounter stairs, uneven cobblestones and narrow alleys.

That’s why Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin wasn’t exaggerating when he said that a planned cable car “will change the face of Jerusalem, offering tourists and visitors easy and comfortable access to the Western Wall, and will serve as an outstanding tourism attraction in its own right.”

  1. The fast rail between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
New double-decker trains arriving in Israel for the fast-rail line linking Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Image courtesy of Israel Railways

This extraordinary rail line will revolutionize travel between the country’s two biggest cities, replacing a traffic-snarled 60-kilometer (37-mile) trip of about an hour, or sometimes more in rush hour, with a smooth journey of under 30 minutes.


  1. Jewish theme park in Dimona

Take a ride on Jacob’s Ladder and hold on tight for the People of the Book roller coaster — two of the 16 rides planned for Park Pla-im (Park of Wonders) to be constructed in the southern city of Dimona.

Advertised as a Jewish theme park promoting universal values, Park Pla-im reportedly has been designed by ITEC Entertainment of Florida, which designs theme parks internationally.


  1. Eilat Ramon Airport

Located 18 kilometers north of Eilat, Israel’s premiere tourist resort at the northern tip of the Red Sea, Israel’s new 34,000-square-meter international airport will replace the Eilat J. Hozman Airport in the center of Eilat and Ovda Airport 60 kilometers north of the city.

  1. Crusader Wall Promenade

The Crusader Wall Promenade, a newly opened tourist attraction at Caesarea Harbor National Park, involved the preservation and renovation of the Roman-era beach promenade, walls, fortifications and towers as well as the Crusader market.


  1. Ecological beach in Eilat

A 200-meter-long stretch of shoreline on the Gulf of Eilat adjacent to the Dolphin Reef is being developed as an ecological beach and environmental education center.


  1. Bedouin boutique hotel

Bedouin-style accommodations – desert khans or tents in the Negev or Galilee – are popular with low-budget and back-to-nature tourists.

In the near future there will be a new option in Bedouin tourism experiences in Israel: the world’s first hotel in a Bedouin village.

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Israel as the place to eat – Best Restaurants

List curated global star chef Yotam Ottolenghi and local hero Eyal Shani, first seen on Bloomberg.

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Record Number of Tourists in Israel in 2013


As reported in Globes: Tourist entries rose 0.5% to 3.53 million in 2013 from 3.52 million in 2012.

A record number of tourists visited Israel in 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported today. Tourist entries rose 0.5% to 3.53 million in 2013 from 3.52 million in 2012. Tourist entries by air rose 4% to 2.58 million in 2013 from 2.48 million in 2012, although entries by direct flights to Eilat fell to 58,500 from 59,500.

Tourist entries by land from Egypt and Jordan also fell 6% from 403,900 tourists in 2012 to 381,500 tourists in 2013. The number of day visitors fell from 634,500 in 2012 to 578,000 in 2013, but the number of cruise ship visitors rose from 251,100 to 256,800.

The US was the largest source of tourists in 2013, with 623,000 entries, followed by Russia with 603,000. France was in third place, with 316,000 tourists; followed by Germany, with 254,000; the UK, with 217,000, and Italy, with 160,000.

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Tiny Country Bursting with Life





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By Libby Burke

They’re living life. There is an energy there like nowhere else I have ever been.”


This, in brief, sums up the impressions of my recent trip to Israel. 

Quite simply: I fell in love, with the country, with the people, with the vibe – the energy. It truly is like nowhere I have ever been and I cannot wait to go back.

The first week of the Israeli leg of my five-week stay was part of the March of the Living (MOTL) – a two-week tour that spends one week in Poland visiting concentration camps and other areas and sites significant to the Jewish people. The trip then culminates in Israel – a place of celebration after the sobering Poland experience.


The Israel journey started with an early morning flight to Tel Aviv, where the surf was up and the locals were riding high. This was symbolic of the positivity oozing out of this tiny, yet bursting-with-life country.

The vibe of TLV was palpable, and best illustrated by my first day’s walk down the groovy Sheinkin St, where an Israeli stood on her balcony – singin’ and dancin’ to Bohemian Rhapsody. This clearly was a place where life was to be lived and celebrated.

During this leg of the MOTL tour Tel Aviv highlights included Atlit Illegal Immigrants Camp – must see, Caesaria – beautiful, Rabin Museum – fascinating, Independence Hall – moving.

We then made our way to Jerusalem. The depth and breadth of this city’s rich past, which continues into the present, makes a visit essential – regardless of your religious (or secular) beliefs.

The MOTL tour comprised compulsory must-see sites:  Tower of David, Yad Vashem and the charming delights of the Old City – just to name a few.

After this tour ended, my personal four-week Israeli journey began.

I opted to settle myself in a couple of places: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and fully experience what these diverse cities offered.

Seeking cultural immersion, I chose to stay at Air BnBs  – a worldwide organisation where you stay with the locals. I highly recommend this form of travel. It is not only inexpensive, but you have an added in situ experience, which is priceless.  


My J’salem leg consisted of a variety of eclectic activities: ATVing in the Jerusalem Forest; the Sound and Light show (a visually stunning feast of the city’s history); tour of the West Bank, which comprised Bethlehem, Jericho and Ramallah; a day trip to historic Masada, scenic Ein Gedi national park, topped off with an obligatory float at the Dead Sea.

Other activities included a visit to the Israel Museum, which could easily take days to conquer, Mahane Yehuda markets – colour, chaos, cuisine. Mamilla Mall. Elegant.

The Saturday quiet of J’salem roads provided the ideal time to cycle this history-laden fascinating town, exploring kilometres of nooks and crannies not possible on a tour bus.

And then finally, back to Tel Aviv – the sexiest, cosmopolitan city I have ever been to. This city personifies Israeli’s approach to life – it is there to be lived, and played in: there is the beach, the cafes, the restaurants, and abundance of artistic and cultural offerings.

People are outside, celebrating life.

Tel Avivians cycle everywhere, so I did, too. Whether it was frocking up to watch the world renown Batsheva Dance Company in the charming Neve Tzedek district, or going out with friends to dinner and drinks, I just hopped on my rental push bike and off I went.

I saw the Israel Philharmonic’s first concert back in the “Bima” after years of restoration; experienced Depeche Mode kick off its world tour in HaYarkon Park; listened to a lovely cello and guitar concert as part of the Felicja Blumental International Music at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


And still, it was a case of: “wait there’s more” … So much more this vibrant city had to offer: a tour of Jaffa, a bush walk along the Israel National Trail, wanderings down the picturesque Rothschild Boulevard, watching swing dancers in Dizengoff Square, strolling through the heaving Carmel markets, checking out the handmade artisans’ creations – but more than that, simply engaging and talking with the locals, who are just thrilled you have visited their country.

Throughout my four-week solo journey it needs to be noted that as a woman travelling alone I felt completely at ease and comfortable walking or riding alone at night.

And I felt incredibly lucky to have finally experienced the jewels this amazing country offers.

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Tel Aviv rated one of the Best Urban Beaches

Two leading tourism websites have ranked Tel Aviv’s beaches amongst the best city beaches in the world. Both Yahoo! Travel and classed Tel Aviv’s Gordon-Frishman Beach alongside South Beach in Miami and Bondi Beach in Sydney 

Yahoo! Travel told readers; ” If Jerusalem is Israel’s responsible, buttoned-up firstborn child, then Tel Aviv is the fun, freewheeling youngest sibling. On warm days, Tel Avivians are quick to hit the city’s 13 beaches that span more than eight miles along the Mediterranean. And Gordon-Frishman Beach, closest to the city core, is one of the hippest places to be seen. Beach bars, DJs, and volleyball courts draw a cosmopolitan crowd, and on weekends you have to arrive early to stake out a spot on the wide beach.” advised its readers to “come for an early-morning workout in the saltwater outdoor pool. Stop at a cafe along the seaside Tayelet (“promenade” in Hebrew), or follow the path to adjacent beaches where you’ll see kite surfers and people playing a type of beach tennis called matkot, unofficially the country’s national sport.” Tel Aviv welcomes millions of tourists each year and is proud to finally hear that the rest of the world has realized that her beaches are truly world class.

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3D Journey to JERUSALEM



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New- Holyland Pilgrimage-Street view

Holyland-pilgrimage Street view

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Carmen at Masada

Over 50,000 people have enjoyed the Israeli Opera Festival at Masada, at the premieres (7 June) with renowned Israeli Maestro Daniel Oren leading a cast of hundreds in a spectacular outdoor production of Bizet’s Carmen, performed in a specially-created opera village built on the desert floor and set against the backdrop of the historic site of Masada, Herod’s fortress at the Dead Sea. The production, the largest ever staged in Israel, features an audience of 7,500, a cast of over 400 soloists, choirs, actors, dancers, performers and even animals, and a 4,000 square meter stage that was designed and built to integrate harmoniously into the desert setting. 


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Two Australian Bar-Mitzvah boys from Sydney

Read about the special experience of a Bar Mitzvah celebration at Masada, organised by Celebration Journeys

For countless years, tens of thousands of Jews have flocked to the desert fortress of Masada from every corner of the globe to celebrate the seminal rite of passage of their sons and daughters, the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah and to re-connect with their roots in Israel. Families wishing to experience a meaningful bar or bat mitzvah can now choose to do so on top of the ancient Judean fortress of Masada in the Dead Sea

Read more about the Masada Experience