Odis is a world wide provider of state-of-the-art Water Treatment plants and solutions.
Among our worldwide customers you can find reputable multinational corporations, national water supply companies, municipalities and government agencies.
ODIS has used its many years of experience in the industry to develop complete treatment systems. Odis’ modular approach provides our customers with easy to operate and cost-effective plants. The units are trouble-free systems capable of enduring in any operating environment with minimal maintenance efforts.

Our head office in Australia is located in Sidney. It provides service and support for our systems according to the client requirements.
Some of our projects in Australia are:
• Seq Water (Sun Water), Queensland – seven water treatment plants for drinking purposes. Estimated capacity: 100 m3/day each one.
• South West Rocks, Kempsey Shire Council, NSW. Waste Water Recycling Plant. 1,650 m3/day
• Melbourne Convention Center. Municipal Waste Water Treatment. 100 m3/day
• Eacham Shire Council. WaterPoint – Drinking water plant. 1,200 m3/day
• Dimbulah. Tableland Shire Council. WaterPoint – Drinking water plant. 1,800 m3/day
• Woodie Woodie plant, Western Australia. Sewaclear® – Waste water tertiary Treatment Plant. 360 m3/day
• Darling Anabranch. River Water Filtration for Agricultural Applications. 2,160 m3/day
• Hume Project – Hume City Council, VIC. Greywater Treatment Plant (Optimum®).60 m3/day

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