Environment, Water Technology, Safety and Hygiene Guide

The Israeli Forum seeks to advance companies which provide solutions in these fields to all institutions in the field of environment, water technology, safety and hygiene, as well as to raise public awareness to these matters.

Israelis known as a global leader in the field of water solutions and this is precisely why the Israeli Forum wishes to achieve worldwide exposure: the various services offered in the portal may encourage a global reform.

The Israeli Forum acts to enhance businesses in Israel and overseas, in both its vision and its actions.  It is a pioneer in the field of professional indexes – on the market for over 15 years – and is the oldest and most trustworthy company one the market.  The company offers, among others, the Guide for Environment, Water Technology Safety and Hygiene, the Guide for Metal and Subcontracting, the Guide for Swimming Pools, Beaches and Sports and the Guide for Nursery,  Teacher and Elementary Education.

The Israeli Forum creates and offers effective marketing solutions for businesses, saving time and paving the path to potential customers in Israel and overseas.

The professional guides are published in three different forms: printed guides, digital guides and through the web portal.

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