The MOFET Institute Study Tours

Following the great success of the ICT study tour held last year in Israel, The MOFET Institute – a center for the professional development of teacher educators, is offering two 8-day international study tours scheduled for March-April 2012. The study tours are designated for: Teacher educators, educational policy makers and educators interested in the following subject matters: 

1. March 11 – 18, 2012: “T&T and ICT: Teacher Education, Teaching and Information & Communication Technologies” – This study tour will expose participants to the ways ICT is implemented in the Israeli education system and to issues of bridging between social and economic gaps, and reducing the differences between genders using technological means.
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2. March 25 – April 1, 2012: “Education for Sustainability: Bridging Cultural, Social and Political Gaps” – This study tour will expose participants to what is being done in Israel concerning sustainability in education throughout the education system, public campaigns, climate-related solutions and more.
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