Kinrot Ventures – A Rainbow of Water Technologies

Kinrot Technology Ventures, a company privately held by the Canadian Stern Group in cooperation with the Israeli Chief Scientist as part of Israel’s technology incubator program, is the world’s first fully dedicated water technology incubator, providing a solid platform for developing and commercializing water and clean-tech related innovations. This seed investment mechanism stands at the international forefront of developing embryonic water and clean-tech technologies.

The company provides a solid platform for developing and commercializing water innovations. Where once water was viewed as a free, limitless resource, it is now starting to be respected as a precious commodity to be conserved, recycled, purified and carefully managed. The water industry is a burgeoning one with global sales reaching $450 billion in 2008 and growing at a rapid 7% p.a.

In this significant and growing market, Israel is uniquely positioned as a global leader in water innovations.  Israel has gained vast experience in water management, desalination, innovative irrigation and sewage recycling systems.  Currently, 75% of Israel’s sewage water is recycled; it boasts the largest RO (Reverse Osmosis) desalination plant in the world; it is a recognized leader in Drip Irrigation systems; it boasts the 4th largest filtration plant in the world. In addition, Israel is renowned as a technology powerhouse due to innovative abilities in the applied sciences and technology field. Israel is now the world’s second most intensive high-tech cluster after Silicon Valley. Advanced technologies developed in Israel are in great demand, and many Israeli-developed applications can now be found in the products of multi-national companies in the communications, computers, information systems, medicine, optics, consumer goods and software sectors. Moreover, Israel not only offers innovative high-tech solutions but also a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and high quality workforce.

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