PRESS RELEASE – Israel’s Ammonia Production Plant


Request for opinions and information from the public on the meanings of establishment of ammonia production plant, extracted from natural gas in Israel for the local market

The ministry of industry, trade and labor is examining his position towards the need for government assistance as part of the ministry assisting tools for the issue of the establishment of ammonia production plant, extracted from natural gas in Israel which is meant to replace the current import of ammonia to Israel

The Environment and Sustainable Development Administration of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (“MINISTRY”) hereby requests information from entities holding relevant experience and knowledge from the field of Petrochemicals, especially from multi-national corporations from this field, in order to examine the possibilities of establishing an ammonia production plant, extracted from natural gas in Israel.

The purpose of this request is to get information from the recipients, based on the experience in the field, in order to formulate rules and devise principles that will help to achieve maximum effect

It should be emphasized that the ministry has yet to decide whether and how to act on the issue and this request is neither an invitation to bid nor a part of tender procedures or other procedure for suggestions, but only an appeal for information, followed by the ministry considerations for further actions. The Ministry reserves the right to approach for clarification or request for additional information some or all of the recipients. This kind of approach from the ministry or someone on his behalf does not reflect any obligation on the ministry’s side. It should be clarified and emphasized that this request does not constitute an offer or invitation to apply for or to contact by the Tenders Regulations-1993 or by any other procedure.

The ministry hereby invites the general public including, entrepreneurs, clients, technology providers and researchers to present their views and proposals on the establishment of ammonia production plant, extracted from natural gas in Israel

The ministry is interested in the following views and information:

1)      Entrepreneurs, please specify:

a.       Business plan fitting for such project, including parameters for yield, Output (products / sub products / Inventories) storage (emergency stocks / storage tank) employment (direct / indirect);

b.      Details about the entrepreneur’s relevant experience and other areas of activity

c.        Methods of ammonia production, identity of the technology provider and his reputation (prove of global experience)

d.      Sensitivity test for the price of natural gas supply on the price of the ammonia

e.       Contact method with the supplier of natural gas

f.        Volume of investment, method of finance and expectations for government participation (grants or any other tool)

g.       Suggested location, Recommendation regarding the geographical deployment of the plant

h.      Synergy with other plants that use natural gas, the area required and the method of delivery to customers in Israel

i.        Form of protection and security of the production site

j.        Schedule of construction completion and start of production

2)      Those that are holding other views and information are invited to provide any additional information that can contribute to or have influence on the ministry when it come to address this issue

3)      Environmental aspects of the ammonia production plant establishment are taken into account as part of a  work done by the Ministry of Environmental protection

Submission of responses

Those who wish to present their views on the establishment of ammonia production plant are asked to comment in writing to the following Email address: , no later than 15th of April 2012. Or to the Israeli Trade Commission in Sydney (Contact details)

The commenter should point out the person of interest at the beginning of the paper submitted (e.g. Entrepreneur, costumer, academia, technology provider)

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