About Thirty thousand visitors attender the Fresh Agro-Mashov Exhibition

Deals worth millions of dollars were signed during the exhibition

Two days after the exhibition, all the transactions that were finalized were revealed – headed by the Bikurei Hashikma company of Rami Levy

Rami Levy through his company Bikurei Hashikma notified that a deal was finalized with Palestinian farmers from Uja for 200 tons of potatoes a week with the expectation of further transactions concerning baby carrots, tomatoes and zucchini.

48 hours after the end of the international agricultural exhibition “Fresh Agro- Mashov” information was received about transactions that were finalized between Israel and overseas buyers and growers and farmers who participated in the exhibition.

About 30 thousand visitors enjoyed two full days of an agricultural exhibition which focused this year on fresh agricultural produce and attracted researchers, farmers, people from agriculture and the agricultural industry, exporters, industrialists and buyers from around the world. At the exhibition, which lasted for two days, about 150 companies from Israel and abroad, displayed the latest innovations to the public in agriculture, particularly in the area of fresh agricultural produce.

The exhibition this year was focused on the marketing of fresh agricultural produce and reducing distribution fees in the agricultural sector, and managed to bring together growers of fresh produce and buyers, wholesalers and marketing people from Israel and abroad.

From Israel there was a delegation of CEOs and trade managers including Hashikma of Rami Levi, Tiv Ta’am, Mega, Super-Sol, Hetzi Hinam and Kimat Hinam Warehouses alongside companies in distribution and global fruit and vegetable importers who sent representatives including:

WALMART from America
Keelings from Ireland, England and Europe
Haluco bv from the Netherlands
Sofruce, an importer and distributor of vegetables and fruits from southern France
Okmarket, a supermarket chain in Russia
Fozzy group, a chain of supermarkets, convenience stores and shops worth $1.5 billion from Ukraine

Among those who visited the exhibition:
Orit Noked Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abu Vilan secretary-general of the Israel Farmers’ Federation, Mr. Shmulik Rifman chairman of the regional councils and head of the Ramat Negev council, Aryeh Shor CEO of Tnuva, Dr. Ra’anan Cohen – chairman of the wholesale market, Knesset member Shai Hermesh, Rami Levi the owner of Shikma Marketing, Zaki Shalom owner of Hatzi Hinam, Ghana’s ambassador to Israel, Itzik Bader of the Granot Corporation, Yossi Yishai, director general of the Ministry of Agriculture, chefs Shaul Ben-Aderet and Frank Azoulai, Shaike Drori director-general of the Israeli Dairy Board, Meir Zur secretary-general of the Moshav Movement, Dubi Amitai president of the Israeli Farmers Association and others.

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