With the Israeli summer heating up, the outdoor music festival season is underway, with something for every taste and budget. The Indigo Festival appeals to lovers of psychedelic & world music with thousands of Israelis and foreigners coming together to let their hear down and have a good time. The festival attracts some of the biggest names in Israeli psychedelic, trance, and world music. In its fourth consecutive year, Indigo 2012 promises to be bigger and better than ever. The Indigo 2012 Festival will take place in Northern Israel from May 25-27 2012

This year the massive range of international and Israeli artists will include: Juno Reactor (UK), Chambao (Spain), Prem Hoshua Live Band & Workshop (Germany), Captain Hook (Israel), James Monro Retro Set (UK/Brasil), Logic Bomb (Sweden), Pena (Portugal), Sensient (Australia), Symphonix (Germany), Synchro (Netherlands), Union jack (UK), X-Noise (Israel), Tushita (Israel), Eat Static Live Chill (UK). Tickets and further information about the Indigo Festival can be found at the festival website:


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