Monday and Thursday nights in Jerusalem’s Old City have just changed for the better, with extended opening hours at many leading tourist attractions and new exiting cultural events late into the night. Beginning May 2012, the enchanting ancient streets of Jerusalem’s Old City will come alive with a number of cultural events and museums opening their doors late into the evening. An array of Viennese Waltz, Jazz and theatrical journeys will add to the many major tourist sites that have extended their opening hours into the night.

On Mondays the City of David will be open until 11:30pm, Old Yishuv Court Museum till 8pm. Those who book in advance will be privileged enough to experience a night tour of the Western Wall Tunnels. On Thursdays the Tower of David Museum will stay open until 7:30pm, while The Herodian Quarter Wohl Archeology Museum won’t close till 8pm. With so much to do and see across the capital, many visitors complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day. From now on, Mondays and Thursdays in the Old City just got longer

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