Ltea Biopharma Ltd.

Lutea Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. is specialized in development of novel therapeutics for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Our drug candidates – the NUP, target a cellular protein NF-κB (nuclear factor kappa – B cells), Lutea’s NUP has been investigated for years and was found to be effective in suppressing cancer cells in vitro (Hodgkin’s lymphoma and breast carcinoma cells) and in vivo (melanoma lung metastases).
Lutea holds a worldwide exclusive license granted by B.G. Negev Technologies and Applications Ltd., the commercial arm of the Ben Gurion University, for developing manufacturing and commercializing this
innovative anti cancer Botanical Drug. Lutea plans to complete the pre-clinical development program and to initiate a clinical trial in cancer patient by mid 2012.

The Opportunity
Cancer prevalence is constantly growing worldwide, including melanomas – approximately a quarter of a million new melanoma patients are predicted every year in the western countries. To date, there is no
effective therapy, and the pursuit after new effective and safe anti melanoma drug is one of the major challenge among the big pharmas, who invest enormous resources in searching for a drug. The recently approved Yervoy, costs $30,000 per infusion and it expands advanced melanoma patients life by an average of 4 month. The safety profile of Yervoy is very poor and it is subject to strict control.
Botanical Drugs (BD) are a major opportunity, as they are entitled for relatively short development pathway, at relatively lower cost and less risks, through the US FDA.

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