UET – Water Treatment Technology

UET (Universal Environmental Technologies) is an engineering and manufacturing company, specialising in the treatment of water without chemical additives. UET uses the natural attributes of water to correct a variety of industrial water issues, such as scaling, corrosion, heavy metals build-up, bio-contamination and brackish water treatment. UET works with major industrial companies across multiple sectorsContinue reading “UET – Water Treatment Technology”

Ventree – Air Purification Solutions

Ventree develop indoor air purification devices that remove harmful toxins from the air and neutralize air contaminants. Their solution is biological based, harnessing the power of plant life to revolutionise the way that the air is purified. Ventree replaces a common household pot plant, with an air purifier pot and plant – promoting a moreContinue reading “Ventree – Air Purification Solutions”

TripleP | Cyber Security Experts | Cyber Awareness and Information Security Training Programs

TripleP is a leading Israeli Cyber and Information Security Training and Consulting company since 2018. Training Cyber awareness and Cyber professional programs for organizations and to assist companies regarding data privacy regulations. Consulting Services and capacity Building Consultants and Trainers are former intelligence experts, such as Israeli army unit 8200, with extensive Cyber security andContinue reading “TripleP | Cyber Security Experts | Cyber Awareness and Information Security Training Programs”

Mining Operations Solutions

Mining in Israel has historically not been a large-scale industry, aside from the ancient Timna valley mines that have been actively mined by humans since the era of King Solomon. However, Israel’s positioning as a center for advanced technology and innovation is well known worldwide, and is gradually being acknowledged by the mining industry asContinue reading “Mining Operations Solutions”

Pollight – Wireless Lighting Automation Company

Pollight has developed a smart command, control and monitoring wireless network system, which encompasses lighting, emergency lighting and air-conditioning controls. Combining BLE Mesh and Wi-Fi, Pollight’s technology achieves a fully wireless, cloud-based system. It has been developed for deployment in large-scale buildings, and can handle up to ten-thousand devices (including emergency lighting, lighting, HVAC thermostat,Continue reading “Pollight – Wireless Lighting Automation Company”

Israeli Trusted Solutions in Financial Fraud Detection

Many crimes are typically committed for financial gain. The same applies to cybercrime which is being conducted more frequently for financial gain. Financial fraud incidences have increased in tandem with the enormous expansion in the usage of Mobile banking, Internet banking, Mobile Wallets, e-commerce, and online share trading. They include those involving credit cards, debitContinue reading “Israeli Trusted Solutions in Financial Fraud Detection”

QbiqAI | AI Technology for Architectural Services

QbiqAI has developed a proprietary architecture AI engine that utilizes deep-learning technology for generative design, image processing, and 3D solutions to automate and optimize architectural services for the real estate market. The company’s AI engine automatically customizes, optimizes, and provides test-fit designs for any office space. Tenants can have access to a selection of designsContinue reading “QbiqAI | AI Technology for Architectural Services”

Cust2Mate | Smart Shopping Carts | Watch and see the Future

Cust2Mate offers a customized grocery-shopping experience by combining shopping list data with a smart shopping cart. The combination of data enables the company’s machine-vision technology to learn and predict the likely outcome of sales, coupons, and special offers targeted to the individual store or consumer. Cust2Mate intends to work with point-of-sale vendors by integrating shoppingContinue reading “Cust2Mate | Smart Shopping Carts | Watch and see the Future”

Seven Seventy | Israeli Urban Fashion for Women

https://www.sevenseventy.co/ Sevenseventy Fashion is a unique handmade designed clothing. Each item is handmade and brought to a level of art. Our collections are designed in Tel Aviv by creative artists who believe that fashion reflects personal style. We design for the individual who appreciates comfy-chic modern silhouettes and one of a kind statement pieces. WeContinue reading “Seven Seventy | Israeli Urban Fashion for Women”

Israeli Technologies Making Mining Safe for Workforce, Nature, and the Environment

Mining is the process of extracting buried material below the earth’s surface. During the past few decades, while extracting, the Mining companies worldwide have faced an increased number of challenges. The Israeli Mining companies had foreseen the need to shift existing Mining techniques to a more sustainable framework that needs to be friendly to theContinue reading “Israeli Technologies Making Mining Safe for Workforce, Nature, and the Environment”