Beyond High-Tech: Israel’s Jewellery Market

For some time, Israel has had the image of a start-up nation built on the foundation of its successful high-tech industry. Though it is undoubtedly true that those industries form the core of Israel’s industrial renown, it often overshadows the smaller, yet just as innovative consumer goods sector, especially the jewellery market.

Since its inception Israeli designers have been able to draw on the richness of culture, history and tradition of those who make up the population of the young state. Incorporating these into their designs, creating custom made pieces that reflect the uniqueness of Israeli heritage.

Items are made out of a variety of materials, including precious and semi-precious materials such as gold, silver and copper. And a whole variety of stones, from diamonds to amber, are used to confer upon the piece its special character.  Producing objects that reflect both the modern and more classical trends in jewellery design, catering to all tastes, purses and wallets.

Some of the biggest and most popular Israeli brands are LK Designs and Amaro. LK Designs is designed by Leetal Kalmanson an accomplished Israeli designer, known for her designs which are revolutionary, chic and trendy.  Her jewellery is worn by many international stars like Britney Spears, Giselle Budchen, Penelope Cruz, Alicia Keys and many more.  It has featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire and InStyle.  The range consists of stunning Earrings, unique Necklaces, and glamorous Bracelets which are all hand made in different metal colours and are embellished with Swarovski crystal and elements.

The Amaro Collection is made up with Semi Precious Stones and Swarovski crystals in various combinations.  It is designed by Irit Goffer Sassonand hand made in Israel. This collection consists of Necklaces with Matching Bracelets and Earrings and has been worn by Princess Martha Louise of Norway and is a favourite of Oprah Winfrey featuring on the O List.

Other manufactures, including Smadar Eliasaf and Shablool, have begun exporting their products overseas to the United States, Australia and Europe. Some pieces are made exclusively by hand, others are created using a variety of other technologies, that encapsulate the artist`s dedication to quality and modern design. 

It is expected that we will begin to see a growing demand for Israeli jewellery design in the near future as consumers become better acquainted with the unique feel and look of the pieces they continue to create.

NB: Dazzling Jewellery has recently been appointed the sole agents in Australia of Israeli jewellery brands LK Designs and Amaro.  They have just received the Summer Collection for 2012 of both these ranges which are all handmade in Israel. You can contact them on or 02 93880220 for more information.

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