In Tel Aviv, missiles matter, but so does a tan

It didn’t take much time for Tel Aviv to return to normal after the warning siren went off Friday afternoon. The cafes and restaurants were packed, and the crowds milling around the streets didn’t worry too much about the rocket that had been fired from Gaza.

“In the city, despite the boom, people kept on sipping their espressos. I was pretty stunned,” says Yoram Ohayon, commander of the Tel Aviv police’s Yarkon district. “After the boom it was back to normal.”

Despite the rocket scare, it was hard to see a dramatic effect on the city on Friday afternoon. A group of Israeli tourists on rented segways rode down the boardwalk and though there was a little less traffic than usual, it was nothing unheard of for the last few hours before Shabbat, and cafes and bars still seemed rather full.

Doron Nachman of the upscale “Adora” restaurant on Ben Yehuda said “It’s important for people to return to normalcy,” while Idan Poleg, 24, added “the rockets won’t keep me home, and there’s no real reason to stay inside the whole time…”

As reported in Haaretz and JPost

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