Offis Textil

Offis Textile Ltd. supplies comprehensive, high quality textile manufacturing solutions in a one-stop-shop format. Specializing in private labels, Offis clearly stands out from its local and global competitors, offering its varied clientele a wide range of significant advantages.

  Since its establishment in 1970, and throughout its decades of manufacturing experience, Offis has consistently aspired to excellence in all aspects of production: design, dyeing, printing, finishing, and sewing of fabrics and supplying professional, solutions for retailers, wholesalers , institutions, and distributors. Learn more about the Offis advantage

To further distinguish itself, Offis aims to provide its customers and business partners with an advanced technological product that provides the perfect answer to their business needs. As an inseparable part of the optimal solution for each client, Offis focuses on service excellence, the highest manufacturing standards, and meticulous adherence to schedules.

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