Israeli Startup Is Making Beer Smarter!


Israeli startup Weissbeerger Ltd. has embarked on the path taken by mobile phones, television, and cars, and plans making the beer tap smart. The company’s product enables bars and pubs to save money, boost beer revenue, and to better manage the supply chain.

Weissbeerger is a unique startup that offers an alcohol monitoring system. Its Alcohol Analytics, which is already in use at pubs and breweries, is a kind of EKG that provides breweries with real-time data from hundreds of flow meters on beer taps in bars and restaurants, to reveal consumption statistics and trends.

The Alcohol Analytics system characterizes and analyzes the data and issues reports, which Weissbeerger claims boosts beer consumption and saves costs. It promises customers 7-12% reduction in theft and waste and 5-80% increase in consumption per user.

Weissbeerger’s customers obtain the data via a simple and user-friendly app, which displays graphics. The app covers a range of data, including the amount of beer drunk in a given period of time. A publican does not have to be present behind the bar or make any exertion; he simply looks at the app on his iPad.

beer2 225x300 Israeli Startup Is Making Beer (Yes, Beer) Smarter!

Pour your own beer

“We reinvented the beer tap,” says Weissbeerger CEO Omer Agiv. “We make simple taps smart, which helps the business improve its consumption through learning. The idea of the product emerged a few years ago with the development of a self-dispensing system at bars.”

The product’s first version allowed customers to pour their own beer and pay per liter, rather than by the number of glasses. The product offered customers an important gimmick – no customer was forced to drink warm beer. A customer could pour himself a small amount of chilled beer at any time. “This idea,” says Agiv, “increased bar sales and led to the creation of our system, which provides automated monitoring of consumption at bars.”

Not on the house

Weissbeerger‘s flow meters on beer taps are connected in real time to a virtual cloud, which enables breweries to manage their brands and publicans to know consumption in real time. The data can be analyzed in many ways to provide information which was not available before in the industry. The new system allows publicans to deal with theft by telling them how much beer has been poured for free to be drunk by barmen or their friends on the house.

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