Mobileye in Australia



Michael Hirsh from Mobileye was in Australia this week and  recently spoke at the Israel Trade Commission’s Innovation for a Better World  boardroom lunch series. Also speaking at the event was John Wall from the NSW Road Safety Centre,  and  together they created an interesting picture of hos technology is shaping the future of driving and road safety. Mobileye have also had a series of high level meetings with corporates in Sydney, and were featured on Channel 7 News showcasing their technology live in one of Sydney’s taxis.


About Mobileye:

Mobileye’s collision prevention technology is integrated in vehicles of leading manufacturers such as Volvo, GM, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Opel, Citroen, Mitsubishi and many others. You may see a brief profile here:

The Mobileye system is also available as a retrofit (requires installation by an auto-electrician) and is deployed extensively in the fleet sector worldwide.  Use of Mobileye’s collision-prevention system has resulted in up to 45% reduction in claims frequency and is therefore having a significant impact on the bottom line for the insurance sector. You may see some of the features of the system in the following video:

The Mobileye system may also be integrated with telematics in order to provide driver monitoring. See also Mobileye in Sydney taxis at the following link:

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