EatWith expansion plans after $8m capital raising


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Israeli startup EatWith has raised $8 million in a series A funding round led by Greylock Partners, with marketplace expert Simon Rothman joining their board. EatWith is an online platform that connects diners and hosts, creating a unique social experience where guests get to know one another over a home-cooked meal.  Launched about 18 months ago, EatWith has grown rapidly, with over 500 hosts in 160 cities and 30 countries. EatWith are hoping to use their new capital for further market expansion.

Rothman explains what attracted him to investing in EatWith on his blog: “As we digitize our interactions, we virtualize our relationships. Connectivity isn’t connection. Information isn’t intimacy.

Humans are wired to personally interact with each other. We are social beings that need real connections to real people in the real world.

That’s why I’m so drawn to new startup called EatWith. EatWith is creating a new dining experience – social dining…the platform deeply connects you with other people, other cultures, and other cities in a way only having a home cooked meal around the dinner table can. It’s technology that genuinely connects people.”

Co-founder Guy Michlin received inspiration for the company on a trip to Greece. By chance, his family was invited into the home of a local family for dinner, a “magical experience” for Guy and his family. “Most tourists won’t get a chance to meet the locals except maybe the Taxi driver, or the water in the restaurant, but EatWith aims to change this…  Our mission is to change the way people eat, travel and interact with each other by creating a dining experience that brings individuals together over a shared meal.”

EatWith, to the founders’ surprise, has not just attracted tourists, but is being used by locals in their own cities, keen to connect with others over a meal in their home town. To learn more about EatWith (or find a host nearby!), click here.

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