Lexifone Automatic In-Call Translation Service to be Featured on Sony Xperia Smartphones Worldwide v


Lexifone (www.Lexifone.com) announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona March 2 – 5, 2015 that Sony Mobile Communications will be featuring Lexifone’s app on Sony Select for a limited time.  The company will be an exhibitor at MWC and will have the app available to the public.  Through Sony Select, Lexifone’s automatic translation service will be available on all Sony Xperia™ smartphones worldwide, putting Lexifone at the fingertips of millions.

“Sony is a worldwide leader when it comes to communication, and this partnership marks a significant new chapter for us,” said Steve Dubnik, Lexifone CEO. “Through Sony Select, our groundbreaking voice translation technology and services are available to a huge number of people on premium Sony devices.”

Sony Select features a handpicked selection of apps that are exclusive to Sony mobile phone customers. All content found through Sony Select is optimized to work specifically on Sony’s Xperia™ devices.

All Xperia owners who register with Lexifone will receive 10 free minutes of fully translated calls, worldwide, via Lexifone CallOut™, plus unlimited free translation of in-person conversations via Lexifone’s Talk Face-to-Face service.

“Our real time translation service is great for travelers, business people, expatriates, and any person who needs to converse with others who do not speak their language, either over a phone call or in person,” continues Dubnik.  “With the capability to translate 16 different languages across 500 global destinations, Lexifone is changing the way the world interacts and bridging the gap created by language barriers.”

As Lexifone continues to grow as a leader in global telecommunication, the company is attracting the interest of prominent international businesses seeking partnership.  In 2014, French telecom giant, SFR, partnered with Lexifone to offer an automatic, in-call translation service to French businesses looking for ways to improve their global commerce and telecommunications.

“Our purpose is to improve global commerce by eliminating language barriers in a way that is easy for both parties involved in conversation and in business,” says Dubnik.  “As we grow, our goal is to include more languages and increase the number of countries and destinations to which we are able to provide our service. Lexifone’s products are truly expanding the capabilities of worldwide business, and we are looking forward to what’s next for our company and our customers.”

About Lexifone
Lexifone is the world’s only privately-held automated technology for in-call translation. Lexifone translates outgoing and incoming calls in 16 different languages on any landline or mobile phone. Both sides of the call simply speak their language and Lexifone will translate both ends of the conversation in real time. The company is headquartered in New York, with an R&D center in Haifa, Israel, and Business Development office in San Francisco, California. To view videos and learn more about Lexifone’s service visit the Lexifone YouTube channel, the Lexifone website, or stop by booth 5E81 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona March 2 – 5. For pre-arranged meetings please contact mwc@lexifone.com.

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