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Minus417 Cosmetics

Minus417 Cosmetics is seeking a distribution partnership in Australia.

Minus417 Cosmetics is a Premium Cosmetic brand offering collections of exclusive skin care products based on natural active ingredients together with moisture-balancing minerals from the lowest place in the world, the Dead Sea, 417 meters below Sea Level. Minus417 develops, manufactures and distributes innovative beauty products based on unique formulations and high quality active ingredients to improve the skin’s appearance, delivering significant efficacy and high safety to consumers.

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Minus417 is seeking a distribution partnership in Australia. The company is based in Israel and exports to 30 countries worldwide in department stores, duty-free and high-end outlets. This includes distribution companies that sell cosmetic brands or a large chain of beauty stores or para-pharmacies.

Additionally, there is also a mass-market sister-brand called See See, that is looking to partner with low-mid price pharmacies, large chains of hypermarkets or distribution companies that sell low-mid priced products to mass-markets. See;

The brand are competitive on price-point between the premium and sister-range offering aimed at mass-market.