Sensica Hair Removal Technology

Sensica Hair Removal Technology by EL Global Trade Ltd is a new brand of effective, home, hair removal devices. Sensica  is seeking a distributor and OEM/ODM development and manufacturing partnerships in Australia.

The range can be viewed at

After many years of being in the forefront of the professional medical aesthetics field, the founders of Sensica have made our professional, non-invasive technologies available for personal use. With an array of advanced professional technologies such as intense pulsed light (IPL), radio frequency (RF), or iontophoresis, Sensica has created a line of revolutionary skin care and beauty products that bring clinical-grade techniques to the home.

The company has already launched a successful development and manufacturing agreement with Beurer in Germany.

Israel is known for its strengths in medical devices and hair removal, designing technology such as the epilator.

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