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Motorika is looking for a distributor in the fields of physiotherapy and/or robotics.

Motorika is a manufacturer of robotic rehabilitation systems designed for after-stroke, orthopedic and pediatric patients. Motorika’s products are considered large capital equipment so the distributor would need to have experience in selling similar systems.

Motorika delivers personalised robo-therapy treatment through its cutting-edge ReoGo™ and ReoAmbulator™ robotic rehabilitation systems.

ReoGo™ is an innovative robotic device specifically designed to aid the rehabilitation of upper extremities of patients suffering from stroke or other neurological injuries. It enhances patient motivation using highly effective exercises and engaging games adapted to a patient’s functional ability, and also enables customised session planning. It is suitable for both sub-acute and chronic patients.

ReoAmbulator™ is an innovative high level gait training platform combined with advanced robotics, integrated body weight-support treadmill (BWST), Active Neuromuscular Facilitation Capabilities, Virtual Reality/ Multi-Tasking features and Gait Analysis/Coordination training using auditory and visual feedback. ReoAmbulator™ is suitable for a wide spectrum of
patients suffering from neurological disorders or orthopedic injuries that affect gait and balance functions.