TOM: Melbourne | Makeathon for Assistive Technology

TOM:Tikkun Olam Makers is a global movement bringing together people with disabilities and Makers to develop open source assistive technology to address everyday challenges.

TOM brings engineers, designers, makers, innovators and problem solvers together with need-knowers (need-knower: a person with a deep understanding of a specific disability challenge, either due to personal life experience or professional choices) to develop solutions for their real-life challenges.

During the 72 hour makeathon, makers will develop hardware and software product prototypes designed to meet needs that people with disabilities identify are important to them. By bringing together people who understand the needs (‘need-knowers’) alongside engineers, designers, developers and makers, TOM provides a space for innovation and prototyping, creating new solutions and forging new connections.

Join a group of talented individuals for three amazing days to experience how tinkering and technology can impact lives.

To support the TOM team, get involved here.

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