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XTRMX is seeking distributors and customers in the broadcast media and film post-production industry. XTRMX addresses industrial collaboration needs with an exclusive, in-house technology. It has developed the ‘Modus’ media engine, which allows content to be updated, edited and reviewed without having to upload the media file.

The product’s key advantages are summarised below:

  • Enables the simultaneous manipulating of data and media content.
  • Instant updates: Changes made by any user are presented in real-time to all others.
  • Co-work from anywhere: Manipulate media and data together with no geographical constraints.
  • Instant content distribution: Any media that is available to any user is promptly available to all the others.
  • Platform-agnostic:
    – OS: Mac, Windows, Linux and more.
    – Devices: PC, iPad, Android and so on.
  • Open SDK: Developers are welcome to create their own data-sharing and media-manipulating applications.
  • Modus-SDK is a cross-platform, simple yet powerful solution, that brings concurrent data and media control into any application.