Chameleon Smart Media

Chameleon Smart Media is seeking to distribute its digital story book to educators in primary schools and after-school care settings. The company has developed an app-based digital story book that aims to advance children’s cognitive abilities and decision-making skills, and can easily be integrated in classroom settings.

Chameleon Smart Media is a media production house that specialises in the creation of supplemental digital educational content for children. Collaborating with university researchers, experts in education and human behavior specialists, Chameleon’s focus is on creating the most effective experiences possible while simultaneously collecting a robust amount of data that can later be assessed, measured, and analysed and offer insights on the child’s ongoing development.

The story book, “Neighborhood Watch Kids”, is a ‘choose your own adventure’ reading experience that features 10 integrated mini games, 16 decisions to make, 21 alternative endings, 280 total pages and an original soundtrack.

The story book won the U.S. Academics’ Choice Smart Media award for best mind-building media and toys.

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