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TransBiodiesel is seeking to connect with partners and investors in the biodiesel and waste collection and treatment industry to form a joint venture. The company is looking for joint ventures with biodiesel players, government organisations, corporate investors, VCs, and project investors.

TransBiodiesel is the manufacturer of unique immobilized enzymes used for the production of biofuel (biodiesel) from waste vegetable oil and animal fat.  The company was founded in 2007 and received the best start up company award from the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel in 2010.

TransBiodiesel is the inventor (6 US patents) of the Enzymatic Game-Changer Technology, which could transform the economics of biodiesel production.  It is a leading technology in the biodiesel market, and provides the most efficient solution to biodiesel producers who are eager to make more profits by using the cheapest & lowest grade vegetable oil.  The technology is focused on the conversion of very low grade & inexpensive feed stocks  (i.e., Acid oil, brown grease and fat) with high FFA ( 1-100%) to biodiesel.

The company has built and retrofitted more than 10 plants of different production capacity worldwide using low-grade oils and it strives to become a world leader in producing biodiesel.