National Australia Bank Announces Innovative Collaboration With OurCrowd

Global investment opportunities for Australians just got more exciting with the announcement of a collaboration deal between NAB and Israel’s OurCrowd.

The collaboration will provide clients of NAB Private Banking with direct access to exclusive OurCrowd start-up investments together with domestic and global networks and events.

OurCrowd is one the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platforms, and has raised over A$600m from approximately 20,000 investors across 112 countries for over 120 early stage companies, including two Australian companies.

OurCrowd Australia was launched in 2014, opening the door for Australians to global alternative investment opportunities with a particular focus on the US, Israel and the Asia-Pacific.

OurCrowd’s successes to date include thirteen exits, two IPO’s and eleven acquisitions.

Read more about the collaboration deal below:

NAB private banking in alliance with Israel’s OurCrowd – AFR

NAB and OurCrowd – An Australia-first Collaboration –

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