Business Opportunities Water


NeoTop is seeking distributors/agents/customers in agritech, government and mining.

NeoTop manufactures and sells the TopUp Ball System, an innovative modular floating cover system for water reservoirs.

The Solution

The TopUp Ball System has been proven to –
Dramatically reduce evaporation
Significantly cool water temperatures
Decrease the growth of algae
Improve the health of the water
Act as a bird deterrent

Neotop’s competitive edge:

More effective
Cost efficient
Can be applied on large reservoirs
Easy to install
Support fish and aquaculture


Patents and registered design in key markets.
Production capabilities in Israel and Australia.
Extensive testing and strategic partnership with Mekorot, the Israel Water Company.
Grant from the Australian Cotton Research and Development Corporation.
Pilot with the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.
Pilot with American Water in California.
Relationships with potential partners, distributors and customers.
Israeli Prime Minister’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.