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Meditrac is seeking local medical distributors that distribute to physical therapy centres, rehabilitation centres, chiropractor clinics or hospitals that treat back and neck problems without surgery.

Meditrac develops innovative medical devices for ambulatory, non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders. Offering a novel approach to back and neck pain treatment, Meditrac’s devices enable rapid recovery without the need for hospitalisation, drugs, and surgery.

Both the Vertetrac (for treating back pain) and the Cervico 2000 (neck pain) exclusively perform Decompression to the Spine in 3-D, a feature that does not exist in other devices.  Based on this innovation, Meditrac has developed a new treatment concept coined “Traction on the Move, curing spinal disorders through active rehabilitation methods.

Vertetrac video demonstration –

Cervico2000 video demonstration –


Meditrac will be exhibiting at Medica 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany from the 13th-17th of November.