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Kampalook is an Israeli Hair Tech company that is famous for developing the Michel Mercier detangling brushes for women.

Kampalook is seeking to partner with local distributors for hair styling and grooming products.

*NEW* Kampalook Pet Brush

Kampalook has extended its innovative technology for pets. It has a brush suitable for dogs and cats, and is the only brush available in the market that has 3 actions in 1 – Grooming, detangling and removing loose hair  :

  • The brush is based on the successful Michel Mercier detangling brush for Humans. Tested on humans, approved for pets!
  • Suitable for any pet with any coat type: long, short, curly or silky
  • Ergonomic design ensures best grip and easy access to all your pet’s body parts”
  • Rounded, sturdy bristles gently massage your pet’s body, stimulating blood circulation, strengthening and adding shine to the coats.

S.O.S Colour Recover

S.O.S. Color Recover is Kampalook’s patented hair color applicator for touching up your gray roots in seconds between salon visits. Since it applies color only there where it is needed, it does not stain your scalp, skin or clothes. After applying S.O.S. Color Recover, your hair color is revitalized and will look great.

What makes S.O.S. Color Recover unique?

It’s the only applicator in the market with a patented scalp protector and color leftover remover.
The special valve makes it easy to use from any angle, applying the right amount of color.
The color has a high percentage of pigment, is free of ammonia, dries quickly and is easy to wash out.

S.O.S. Color Recover is available in several hair colors, including blonde, various shades of brown, black and red/copper. It is easy to apply, whether at home, on vacation or during a business trip.