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Israeli Cyber Security Business Delegation Visits Australia, Seeks Tech Partnerships

During the week of March 12-16, the Israel Trade Commission welcomed a cyber security business delegation comprised of 12 Israeli companies to Australia. The delegation visited some of Australia’s largest corporates, including banks, energy companies, and telcos, to seek technological partnerships and commercial cooperation. 

The feedback from the Australian companies was extremely positive. This was the third Israeli cyber security business delegation to visit Australia and many of the Israeli companies already have local representatives in the market.

Israel is a leader in cyber security and the prospects for cooperation between Israeli and Australian companies in this field are very promising. Today, the persistent threat of a major breach means that safeguarding our individual privacy and personal records held by third parties is more important than ever.

The solutions presented by the 12 companies on the delegation covered categories that included: Data protection, encryption and recovery, APT Security and Endpoint protection, Cloud Security, Incident Management – SIEM/SOC, Mobile and IoT, Secure ICS and OT, Breach and Attached Simulation & Remediation,  Training and consultant, Identity Management and Fraud, Forensic and Analytics, and Digital Intelligence.

The companies were:

1. Cellebrite
Solutions encompass digital forensics, triage and analytics

2. Comsec
Providing services to secure information and operational assets

3. Cyber Observer
Orchestration & awareness management tool providing comprehensive awareness, continuous understanding and near-real time insights across the entire cybersecurity ecosystem.

4. CyberBit
One Platform for advanced endpoint detection, SOC automation, industrial control network protection and cyber security training and simulation

5. CyIoT Ltd
Securing airwaves within the organization to identify and block breaches through connected IoT devices

6. Deep Instinct
Applying deep learning to protect against zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats in real time

7. Elta Systems
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Solutions

8. Siemplify
Cybersecurity Orchestration and Incident Response Platform

9. Skybox Solutions
Integrated security management solutions for enterprise–scale vulnerability and threat management, security policy and firewall management.

10. Votiro
Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to identify and disarm malware from incoming files.

11. WhiteSource
An open source security and licenses management solution.

12. XMCyber
APT simulation platform to continuously expose & remediate all attack vectors to critical assets. Operates as a fully automated purple team, combining red and blue team techniques.

The Israel Trade Commission will be leading a reciprocal cyber security business delegation from Australia and New Zealand at the end of June that includes a visit the Cyber Week in Israel conference (17th-21st of June).

Cyber Week is an annual leading international cybersecurity conference held at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and was attended by 5000 people from more than 50 countries last year.

If you are interested in joining our cyber mission, please contact Shai: