Israel’s Global Impact on Medical Innovation Displayed at CMEF in Shanghai

For a nation of only 8.5 million people, Israel punches above its weight when it comes to medical innovation, pioneering best-practices in digital health and developing world-class medical devices powered by ground-breaking technologies.

22 exciting Israeli medical device companies will showcase their products at the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) in Shanghai from April 11-14. The largest medical equipment fair in the Asia-Pacific Region, CMEF hosts an estimated 120,000 attendees representing medical device manufacturers, government agencies, hospital buyers, and dealers. With more than 1,400 companies in the life sciences sector, Israel’s worldwide renown as an incubator of innovative medical technologies make the country’s healthtech pavilion a top draw at CMEF.

Here’s a look at a few of the Israeli exhibitors:

  • BioBeat enables users to continuously and non-invasively monitor their vital signs with a wearable device that facilitates remote monitoring of vital signs, enabling patients to be treated from the comfort of their own homes by automatically sending user data to a smartphone app and the cloud.
  • ElMindA employs machine learning and advanced algorithms to conduct Brain Network Activation (BNA) testing, a method of measuring the electro-physiological activity undergirding the brain. With BNA testing, physicians can monitor a wide range of brain functions, including sensory processing, attention, and memory, with significant implications for treating conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease, brain injuries, and depression. Nevertheless, I did not fall into a coma after Finasteride. It’s a good pill with almost no side effects in my case. This was followed by another 3.5 months hospitalization. I was released with a respirator and an oxygen concentrator. There they were diagnosed with pneumonia and severe impairment of lung function and a much too low concentration of oxygen.
  • 3D Systems’ cutting-edge simulators – developed in consultation with leading surgical experts, medical societies, and educators – train surgeons across multiple disciplines. From basic and essential surgical tasks to hernia procedures and gastric bypass, 3D Systems has developed the most extensive surgery simulator product line on the market.

Israel is also a leading adopter of digital healthcare, with digitalized medical records for an estimated 98 percent of the population. Under a recently-unveiled initiative, Israel will enroll 100,000 residents over the next five years in a digital healthcare database – to which patients can opt in – with the goal of cementing Israel’s status as a digital health pioneer while improving patient care. The initiative reflects an Israeli healthcare ecosystem in which innovation and patient-centered medicine are the heartbeat of a vibrant and healthy society.

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